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Pocket Door in Grandfield, OK

Not all homeowners have problems with their pocket doors. However, like everything else in the home, there may be time when you need help in solving pocket door in Grandfield, OK problems. Some of these common problems involve trouble with the rollers, the lubrication of the track and problems with the attachments.

When you have a problem with the rollers, you have to look at the type of rollers on the door. There are two types of rollers - a base attached to the door and the roller that is attached to this base. Sometimes after years of wear and tear, these parts separate from each other and become maladjusted. This the door will not open properly. If you find that your door is not hanging properly, it could be a problem with the rollers. You have to look at the rollers to find the type that is malfunctioning and then replace it.

Rollers, like all moving pieces of metal, need lubrication in order to roll smoothly. This will definitely happen with worn or damaged rollers. If you do not want to replace them right way or have to call in a professional to do the job, you can prolong the inevitable by spraying the rollers with silicone spray or apply grease.

Sometimes, the problem with the pocket door in Grandfield, OK is not due to wear and tear. Quite often it is the fault of the manufacturer by not supplying the correct screws you need to do the installation. They could be too short and will therefore work loose quite easily or the thread may be too fine to carry the weight of the door. The common screws included in the package with the pocket door in Grandfield, OK are often drywall screws, which are unsuitable for the job. Of course, you could have a problem with the track. When screws in the track work loose, it could cause the track to sag and sometimes the screws can cause the track to derail.

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